S*Ninasmirakel Evighetens Elvira      





Elvira is our newest import from Sweden.
She came to us in the beginning of May 2011.

She was 1,5 year old, and has had her first litter in the breeders name.
The kittens from this litter is very promising.


Elvira has a great pedigree and is looking very good according to the breed`s standard.

She has already got her first cert on a show in Sweden, and we hope to bring her to more show`s in the years to come.

The plan is that Elvira is going to live with us, if she comes along with the other queens. :o)



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Tatjana Jezzabella      




We have taken over Bella, after Janne Hansen.

Bella was 5 years old when she came to us before new year 2011. She has had two litters at the previous owners cattery.


Bella will not be taken to show`s, because she does not like the "turbulent" environment.


Bella lives in host at Tove and her son, she thrives there. After 1-2 litters Bella will enjoy the "retired" life in the host family`s home.





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