Welcome to our website!

This website is designed to provide you with information about
our breed of Ragdoll. The breedername, NO*United Paws
we have had since 2010.

"WE"consists of me, Randi Mette Strand, which is the

registered owner of the cattery, and my husband,

Andrč Lundquist Amundsen.

We live in a large apartment in Harstad, Northern Norway.
Here, the cats has a catyard on the back, and a large veranda
on the front, where they roam freely.

I work 50% evening/weekend as Client Service Representative,

while Andrč jobs during the day as a roofer. Since I work only

 50% I have plenty of time to the cats. :o)
I also work only evening and every other weekend, and it is

therefore almost always someone home with the animals.

Animals have always been a natural part of our lives.

We fell immediately for the lovely breed Ragdoll.
In addition to the ragdolls, we have a house cat, named Knerten,
and a beautiful Pomeranian named Rosalita..




- News -


23.05.2011 - We have a new website.                       

                     The old website will be operative until we

                     finish this site. 

08.05.2011 - New addition to the cattery. Welcome 
                     S*Ninasmirakel Evighetens Elvira.
                     You can see photo`s and read more about 
                     her at this site.

03.05.2011 - The B-Litter is born. Betzy gave birth to
                     four small kittens. More about the litter.